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3 Sep 2016
4 Nov 2016
13 Nov 2016
04 Mar 2017


5FINGERS are an Hard Rock band from Lecco (ITALY) formed in 2008 by Luca, Michele, Seba and Mattia. In 2009 the band starts his Live activity with the aid of the new man on vocals, Rob, which boosts band's performances and capability thanks to his tecnique and experience.

Band's repertory spans from 70's-80's Classic Rock/Hard Rock songs to our day's and it's made up of more than 50 pieces for an almost 2 hour and half of pure rock'n'roll show. Beside electric repertory 5FINGERS also managed to prepare an acoustic one, so they are able to play in small locations or even in those which requires a soft atmosphere and soft tones as well.

In 2010 5FINGERS start writing their own tunes and play them Live in winter/spring 2013. Thanks to their first single "Under my Sun" 5FINGERS passed a music competition selections and joined Live Tour Contest 2013, touring in north Italy with great appreciation from the audience.

Then, finally in October 2013, 5FINGERS released their debut album "Fingerprinting", being a composition of ten rock/Hard rock songs entirely written,produced and mixed by the band itself in their own "Luke's Studios" in Mandello Del Lario (ITALY).
In 2016, after 3 years of contests and gigs, 5FINGERS are back in studio to record their second album.

On June, 19 new album named "TWO" is out and available online for download and of course on CD support.